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If you’re the owner or a manager of a Cayman Islands venue, we invite you to please contact us so you could be registered in our wide database.

We aim to be the #1 resource when it comes to visitors who need detailed information about any restaurant, store, hotel, event, concert and other related activities that may occur within the Cayman Islands.

Please contact us, and provide all your info at, and enjoy the benefits we offer at Cityplugged.

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Gluten-Free Thursday at Lucky Slice

Get a gluten-free pizza for the same price as a regular pizza!

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Get a 20″ pizza for just $19.99 in Lucky Slice

Get THE BIGGEST 20" PIZZA + 1 TOPPING for just $19.99

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Vegan Wednesday at Lucky Slice Pizza

For just $19.99 grab your 20" vegan pizza + 5 toppings!  Click here and discover more!

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See more events in Cayman

See more events in Cayman

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